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History of our company

It was 2013. At that time, I worked as a lawyer in a factory for the production and sale of polyethylene pipes for the third year.

It was 2013. At that time, I worked as a lawyer in a factory for the production and sale of polyethylene pipes for the third year (I will say right away - I had a prestigious job by the standards of the lawyers in my city and I had been earning good money). I was prepared to become the head of the legal department, since my boss was going to retire. In this regard, I worked from morning till night hoping to get this position. It's cool - to finish the university and already be the head of the legal department! Let there be only 4 in the state, but it charged me very much.

In my 23 years, as well as other students, I was looking for an additional source of income. In March 2013, I arranged the meeting with my friend, who had been earning very well at that time. I do not want to say his real name, so let's call him Andrei. By the way, I have not seen you for a very long time, and I would be really glad to see you. I consider him a successful man, in 2013 he bought himself a BMW 5 Series, which for me was a very steep achievement! I was wondering what he was doing and what his sources of income.

We met and talked very interestingly. At the end of the evening, I still dared to find out where he had money to rent an apartment and buy a BMW. He replied as follows: "Insar, if you have money, do not stack them up, they must work for you." Then it was a discovery for me. It turned out that Andrew was engaged in network marketing + the money that he earned he gave to a familiar broker who traded his money and paid him 10% of the deposit amount per month. Then I had about 900,000 rubles and the money I expected to spend on repairing a 1-room apartment, which my father planned to give me after completing my studies at the Faculty of Law. In my head, I figured out the numbers and realized that this familiar Broker could bring me 90,000 rubles a month if I put this money into it !!! It changed everything in my head and I asked the contacts of this Broker to talk with him and find out all the details.

Two days after this conversation, I called the Broker (I will continue to refer to him as an unreal name - Artem) and we agreed to meet. We met in the well-known cafe "Sh ......... a" in the center of Kazan. He seemed to me as open and honest man. The scheme of his work was as follows: he takes money against a receipt, enlists money to his account, transfers money to a trading account and trades on the stock exchange. Everything that is above 10% per month, he takes himself. The full amount of the invested funds could be collected by notifying him 30 days in advance. Than It seemed to me that it was just a gold mine. The next day I gave him 900,000 rubles against a receipt.

Now I look back and understand that the fatal error was " to invest in something that I did not understand." I absolutely did not understand the exchange, the markets of currencies, did not understand at all what and how it works, but with firm confidence I gave the money. Remembering it, I did not even consider that it was 120% per annum. What tool can give 120% per annum? Even the most risky and profitable tool as a business cannot give such numbers guaranteed! I chalk this up the youthful stupidity, inexperience.

Having given money to Artem into work, I simultaneously tried to engage in network marketing. First I invested in Talk Fusion (about 9.000 rubles). To be honest, one of my friends called me in. The company was engaged in video marketing. They had a platform, and it was necessary to sell access to this platform. I could not attract anyone and only got losses. I worked at the factory and tried to tell more workers about this product in the "smoking room". Naturally, they all were skeptical about this, and they did not even understand why. And I did not have sales skills. Next, I tried myself in Telexfree. Here it did not work out because as soon as I invested, they started having some problems. The company itself officially closed in 2014.

But I was not discouraged, I always did not take mistakes seriously - it's an experience. Iskander paid regularly 90,000 rubles every 3 months and I did not ask any questions. I even allowed myself to leave in July to the Dominican Republic for a profit. And it was cool ... until I returned to Kazan!

Back in Kazan, I expected a fourth monthly payment from Artem + and I wanted to withdraw half of the deposit to start repairing the apartment. That's where my adventures began - Artem did not pick up the phone, did not answer SMS. I suspected something was amiss. I called my friend Andrei and he told me that he himself was in a panic and did not know where our Broker had gone. Having united, we were able to find it. Artem informed us that he was in debt because he lost all the money on the stock exchange. It was a tin. 3 years of my work went to nowhere, the reparation of the apartment went kaput.

It turned out that Artem invested in various forex-kitchens and binary options. He successfully did this while attracted all the new funds for the Broker. The broker naturally drew a huge profit, gave money. Artem even bought himself the E-class Mercedes in the trading time. But as soon as the inflow of money stopped, the Broker decided to merge his deposit. In total, Artem collected from all clients an amount of over $ 1 million. My amount was simply lost with the losses of other investors, there was a guy who lost 20,000,000 rubles!

But for me these 900.000 rubles were a huge sum! Of course, Artem sold all the property and paid off all investors a little bit. Next, almost all the property was sold by the mother and father of Artem. The situation was terrible.

I began to frantically look for a way out of the situation. I soberly assessed the situation and understood that I would not get more money from Artem. It seemed that more than half of my deposit was lost forever. But here I began to search all day long for information on the Internet from people who faced this and what to do. At first I had been writing down all search requests in Cyrillic. I did not find anything. Next, I began to use Latin and search for information on foreign websites.

BINGO! I came across a site about the story of an American and how he was able to return money from the broker thanks to the Bank! Next, I began to look for what banking procedures can help in repaying money. I found information that there is a Chargeback procedure in International payment systems. This procedure ( if memory serves) was introduced in 1971 as a result of fraud with credit cards. The fact is that in the 1970s the Banks sent out credit cards to the mailboxes of US citizens. Of course, fraudsters took advantage of this and steal mailboxes to use credit cards. Banks suffered losses, customers called and complained that they did not make purchases with a credit card. Measures were taken: the Chargeback procedure was initiated.

It is long to write, but I rummaged everything about this procedure. I've translated piles of documents in Latin. I found out that if the money was transferred to the seller by a bank card and the seller did not provide the product / service or provided a defective / poor quality product (for example, sent you a table with three legs), then the client has the right to contact his bank that issued his card and withdraw the payment back!

On the next stage I found out from Artem how he was transferring money to Brokers! Most of the sum, of course, he translated with swift transfers and ordinary bank payments, but transferred a small portion of his credit card money to Broker's accounts! I decided that he had a chance to get my money back!

Naturally, I started calling Artems Bank (Sberbank) and finding out if they can help with this refund procedure? I could not believe my ears - the bank employees did not know about this procedure, moreover, they heard about it for the first time. I realized that you need to write a statement yourself and get everything by force so that the Bank returned the money to Artem, and Artem gave the rest of the money to me!

Total transfers from a card were for the amount of about 4.000.000 rubles to different Brokers. It was compiled on application for each Broker + I tried to write a request for a refund on Telexfree. I gave Artem the applications and made him go to the Bank together. As lawyer warned: in one of the statements you need to put a stamp of acceptance. He did it. I waited for the Artem to be called from the Bank and notified of the beginning of the procedure or of the refusal. However, there was no call. In general, I waited 2 weeks and he called the Bank to find out what the situation is in our case and in the case of Telexfree. The Bank's employees reported that the application was under consideration. I, as a lawyer who just graduated from law school (!) of course began to operate with the knowledge of the law and demand justice! I was assured that everything would be fine, my business took priority.

After this call, I decided that I would call once a week and check what was there with my case. I phoned to Banks, swore almost with all the employees of the Bank, which I came across! And in October 29, 2013 it happened! Money returned to the card from the first Broker (Broker XM)! The sum of 347.925 rubles has come. It was a miracle! I began to call to find out the status of other appeals, most of the applications were refused, and some were still pending. On November 4, 2013, we received another refund of RUB 391.021 from another Broker! And yes, I was also returned money from Telexfree, there was little, no more than 20,000 rubles for that dollar rate.

Of course, I called and swore with the Bank that they did not return the money for other applications, but in my heart I was glad that it was working! Moreover, I returned almost all my money. In total I managed to return 738.946 rubles thanks to the Chargeback procedure! (then I did not know yet that I could write a statement to continue disputing transactions and try to pull out all 4 million)

After refund on November 4, I realized that the procedure is working and you can try to help other people return money (especially with Telexfree). I began to dig on the forums in the free time and offer my services on the return of funds. At first I did it for free, then I realized that it takes a lot of time and you need to do it separately! I felt that this business has a great potential for developing myself as a lawyer! November 14, I made a very important decision: the creation of my own law firm.

On November 26, 2013 my company was registered. At first it was called LLC "Law of Life" and the company was engaged in everything from divorce to collection of receivables from legal entities. I had been founding clients on Chargeback on the forums and worked on them myself, getting the hang of it. From the very beginning, I was interested in working on Chargeback. Due to the fact that there was a little to pay to some "adventurer from the forum" for the return of funds, I had to work on post-payment.

In December 2014, I renamed the company in LLC "Juridical Company" InsAid Group ", cause we created the company together with my brother - his name is Aidar. By connecting our two names we received: INSAID. My brother offered this name considering that it would be perfect for working with both legal entities and individuals. Then we thought that legal entities would bring a lot of revenue for the company. My brother began to deal with the direction of legal entities, and I continued my work on Chargeback.

I'll tell you right away that work on legal entities was not working, we could not attract large companies to outsourcing. The market has been overheated by other legal companies that came 10 more years before us! But we fought for a long time and tried to stay afloat. The result was that the brother decided to leave the company and go to the prestigious and highly paid vacancy offered to him by the tax inspectorate. He was tired of uncertainty.

I continued to deal with money refunds from Brokers. It fascinated me, I liked it. I received positive energy from clients and a good income.

Once my wife and I sat and watched the TV channel "Friday" on the day off, there was the program "Shield and Sword of Justice". Hosts of this program traveled through the cities of Russia, exposed scammers and fraudsters, punished them and restored justice. I liked the show and the name. I decided that it was the time to go out on the Internet. I spent 5 years honing the return mechanisms for this.

In 2017, I renamed the company in the "Law Firm" Shield and Sword of Justice ". I made a website and started advertising on the Internet. Things went very well!

To date, I can safely say that our company is the absolute leader in the sphere of Chargeback. No company has officially confirmed Chargeback experience for more than 5 years! No company can process and help simultaneously to such a large number of customers.

First I trained my team, and now my team is training me! We have very talented lawyers, I am very proud of them. I do not regret a bit about the path I've went through.
Thanks to this path, we all know in the company: after a long fall, there will be a huge takeoff, if you do not drop your hands and continue to fight!
Confirmation to this is my story. History of our company!

P.S. And yes, Artem still owes me and quietly extinguishes the remaining amount on the writ of execution. There is still a debt behind him.
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