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Our words aren't the contrary to our actions

The main income of our company is the percentage of our clients’ recovered funds. That's why we try really hard to return money to legitimate owners and continue the process, even if the bank does the preliminary rejection in appeal against transactions.

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If after 10 days you are dissatisfied with our work, We will refund your advance payment in full!


All the work of a lawyer will be available to you by providing weekly reports. You will be acquainted with all sent applications and conduct a joint dialogue with the Bank. Also on our site you can watch our activity online.


We will remove unnecessary worries from you and protect against threats from brokers.

Experience and practice guarantee you a successful result
2013 — we are the path breakers in Russian market

We are one of the first organizations to start providing legal services in the money refund. During all this time our specialists had helped hundreds people around the world and achieved the punishment for more than 400 unfair brokers.

2013 year
2018 year
2030 year
91% of successful money refunds

We returned more than 1 500 000 dollars in total

2013 year
2018 year
2030 year
First in world
We have been perfecting for 5 years our own unique system of refunding money from offshore zones.
Our own base of brokers

Within 5 years we have been trying to return clients funds from many insincere brokers. Each of them ended up being in our base.
Now you can check your brokers reliability and put him in our list, if he had stolen your funds by illegal way and now he is hiding from prosecution.

Remember, the sooner procedure will start, the higher the probability of getting your money back.

Couldn't find your broker?

— Check him in our service Broker check
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Start your money refund right now!
Leave a request and you will get:
Evaluation of the case by a lawyer with an experience of challenging money transactions procedures.
Recommendations on the money refund in your case.
Initial document for the start of Chargeback procedure.
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