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Tariff Perfect

We fully take everything connected with Chargeback procedure on us. We make a case on your behalf, coordinating every step with you, giving you a personal manager and a team of lawyers. Your case under the personal control of the CEO - the chances of a return are increasing rapidly.

Package of services includes

Full management of cases on the protests of transactions

  1. Analysis and evaluation of the case on the basis of the submitted documents by the client.
  2. Drawing up a work plan, distribution of control points of the procedure.
  3. Negotiation and correspondence with the Broker for the return of money from the Broker voluntarily (the obligatory stage for the commencement of the procedure):
    • Drawing up an application for termination of the agreement with the Broker
    • Telephone negotiations with the Broker
    • Correspondence with the Broker by email
  4. Applying to the Bank for a refund of funds from the Broker.
    • Drawing up an application to the bank (rus / eng) about challenging transactions addressed to Broker
    • Telephone negotiations with the Bank for acceptance of the application and start of the procedure
    • Registration of the application and receipt of the registration number.
  5. Doing business in the Bank before refunding money or 3 refusals by the Bank.
    • Providing additional evidence for a positive outcome of the case upon request by the Bank
    • Weekly calling to the Bank's specialist to find out the current status of the application.
  6. Appeal to the supervisory bodies
    • Preparation and submission of a complaint to the Financial Regulator at the place of registration of the broker (eng)
    • Compiling and sending a complaint to the police at the place of registration of the broker (eng)
    • Drawing up and sending a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman at the place of registration of the broker (eng)
    • Sending a complaint to the payment company (if any)
  7. Additional statements that may be required to return your funds (at the discretion of the lawyer and the situation in your case)

Attachment of the team of lawyers:

  1. Your case will be dealt with by a specially trained team of 1 senior and 1 junior lawyer, specializing in the return of funds lost on investment.
  2. You will be given a personal number of a senior lawyer + internal number for daily communication with employees.
  3. Every Friday your lawyers give you a report on the work done.
  4. Your lawyers are in touch every day from 9-18 to Moscow time and are ready to answer all your questions within your package of minutes.

No-limited consulting time

Within the framework of this package, you have the right for unlimited negotiations with the Senior Lawyer. Your lawyer is in touch every day from 9-18 to Moscow time and are ready to answer all your questions.

Collection and sending of documents for 24 hours:

  1. Your case when entering the legal department takes precedence over other tariffs.
  2. The initial application to the Bank will be prepared and sent to you by e-mail. mail for examination within 24 hours after receipt from you of all the necessary documents for the start of work.

Support of the case by the Director General:

  1. The study and analysis of the case, the determination of all necessary evidence for the preparation of an application for the return of funds from the broker.
  2. Weekly adjustment and planning of the stages of work on the client's case together with the working group.
  3. The opportunity to contact the Director General every second Thursday of the month between 11:00 - 14:00 Moscow time and personally discuss the situation on the case.

Providing free protection from a broker

  1. Free provision of necessary instructions and advice on how to behave with the broker during the procedure for the return of funds.
  2. Carrying out telephone conversations and correspondence with the broker.
  3. Drafting and sending an application to the police to initiate a criminal case against the broker.
  4. Compilation and submission of complaints to the Supervisory Authorities at the place of registration of the broker.

Providing a free preliminary review of the case

  1. The head of the Legal department of the company studies your history and the documentation received from you and preliminarily assesses the risks and prospects of the probability of a return of funds.
  2. You are given an analyst of our company on this broker.

The account displaying the full information on office work

  1. You will be given access to the account in which you can track the entire process of record keeping and the current state of your business.
  2. You will be notified of each stage of work.

Contacting a lawyer 24/7

  1. You will be given the number of your personal lawyer with whom you can keep in touch at any time.

Priority in the preparation and sending of documentation, the provision of consulting services.

Your case when entering the legal department takes precedence over other tariffs, you are given the best group of lawyers.

Who will need it
  • For those who appreciate premium service and impeccable quality.
  • For those who want everything done without his participation.
  • For those who value their time.
  • For those who need protection and tranquility.
  • For those who are interested in the history of the company.
  • For those who want to receive personal consultation from the CEO of the company.
  • For those who have the amount of damage from 30 000$.
How do we do Chargeback?
You can watch the course of the case and timeliness in your profile account. Also, you'll be informed about each course through SMS and E-mail.
01 1
After your application to our company, we will consolidate a team of senior and junior lawyers to you. They will be selected only from professionals, who had worked with your broker and successfully returned money to other clients. You can address your questions to them any time and any comfortable way: by phone, e-mail, messengers and social networks.
02 2
Our lawyers will prepare all essential initial documents in Russian and English and send it to the necessary addresses: notification of breach of contract to your broker, application for appeal against transaction to your bank. Also, they will prepare and send applications to brokers supervisory authorities: to brokers financial governor, financial ombudsman, and also to a bank, where fraudster opened a checking account.
03 3
Our specialists will find your broker to initiate criminal proceedings against him. They will form and apply an application autonomously to force law enforcement start a verifying of his actions. All fees will be paid by a company.
04 4
If the bank will disagree, lawyer will form and apply reiterated application to a bank, and also will send a complaint to Visa and Mastercard. They will inform payment system about a fraud of your broker, and also will apply an application to financial ombudsman of country, in which mediator was licensed.
05 5
We always work with a refund guarantee. If you won't like our services, 10 days after appeal to our company you'll be able to breach the contract and refund a full valuation.
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